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Flux Cored Solders

Torrey S. Crane Company Flux Cored Solders are manufactured using only Grade “A” virgin raw materials. Our high pressure flux injection extrusion process assures virtually void-free flux cored solder.

The Torrey S. Crane Company manufactures flux cored solder for all applications both electrical and non-electrical.

Torrey Crane can provide custom flux formulations for your most demanding specifications. Flux cored material is available in all standard, as well as many non-standard alloys.

The Torrey S. Crane Company manufactures quality flux cored solder in percentages ranging from 0.5% to 5.0%. Custom percentages are available, according to your requirements.


Crane WRP:

Crane Plastic Rosin Core is made from the purest Grade WW rosin without additives. WRP is completely non-corrosive, electrically non-conductive, and fungus resistant. Crane WRP is used for applications requiring non-activated flux.

Crane WRAP:

Crane Activated Rosin Core is an ‘activated’ flux with excellent wetting action. Non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive, our WRAP rosin flux sets the standard for most electrical and electronic hand soldering. Crane WRAP is on the QPL under specification QQ-S-571E, Type WRAP.

Crane WRMAP:

Crane WRMAP is a mildly activated rosin core flux designed for use in electronic, automotive, and military applications. Crane WRMAP was developed for applications where difficult assemblies are to be soldered, but the process requires the use of a mildly activated flux. Crane WRMAP is non-corrosive, electrically non-conductive, and fungus resistant, as required for sensitive electronic assemblies.

Crane WRSAP:

Crane WRSAP Flux is a highly activated, aggressive rosin flux developed for situations that require the removal of heavy or excessive oxides. More heat stable than our other rosin core fluxes, Crane WRSAP is the industry’s highest activated rosin core flux. WRSAP is not recommended for sensitive electronic or electrical applications. Crane WRSAP flux residue should be removed after soldering.

Crane OA:

Crane OA flux is recommended for any hand soldering application where high activity is desired. Crane OA is a water soluble organic acid based flux. This flux is more effective than rosin-based fluxes in joining difficult to solder metals. It is more heat-stable than other organic fluxes, resulting in minimal smoke and odor. The flux residue can be completely removed with de-ionized water.

Crane Acid Core:

Crane Acid Core is, hands down, the standard by which other acid core fluxes are judged. Crane Acid Core is a highly active inorganic flux that is capable of removing the most difficult oxide films. This flux is recommended for the joining of stainless steel and other difficult to solder metals. Flux residue can be removed using a simple water rinse. Crane Acid Core is widely used in the manufacture of jewelry.

Crane No-Clean:

Crane No-Clean core wire is a low-residue flux designed for hand soldering and re-work of electronic assemblies. Crane No-Clean will successfully solder to bare copper and other hard to solder surfaces. With Crane No-Clean core flux, rapid wetting is achieved through our unique blend of modified resins and proprietary activators. Crane No-Clean leaves a clear, non-corrosive residue.

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