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Custom Products and Services

The Torrey S. Crane Company can provide custom products and services in a timely manner.

Custom Packaging – If you are a wholesale/reseller customer of the Torrey S. Crane Company we can provide custom packaging and labeling for your order.


The Torrey S. Crane Company offers accurate spectrographic solder pot analysis.
To ensure alloy integrity, it is recommended that your solder pot be analyzed every 30 days. With Torrey Crane’s Next Day Expedited Analysis Service, downtime is minimized and your product quality is assured.

Torrey S. Crane tests pot samples for the following elements:

Tin (Sn)

Gold (Au)

Arsenic (As)

Bismuth (Bi)

Silver (Ag)

Indium (In)

Antimony (Sb)

Lead (Pb)

Cadmium (Cd)

Iron (Fe)

Sulphur (S)

Copper (Cu)

Aluminum (Al)

Zinc (Zn)

Nickel (Ni)

Phosphorous (P)

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