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Foil, ribbon, tape, slab, sheet, solid/flux cored wires, bars and ingots, fusible, fine wire, solder alloys – In pure tin, pure lead, Sn/Pb and Lead-Free alloys.


Thicknesses to 0.001″ +/- 0.0002″
Widths up to 26.0″ +/- 0.015″
Coil weights up to 100 lbs. per inch of width, or as specified.


The Torrey S. Crane Company services customers in the following industries:
Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Heating/Cooling, Plating, and Nuclear.

Torrey S. Crane Company

The Torrey S. Crane Company has been manufacturing solders in Connecticut since 1930. We are an ISO 9001: certified company dedicated to quality and service. The Torrey S. Crane Company manufactures a complete line of solders ranging from pure tin and lead to alloys with silver, bismuth, and indium. Crane solders meet and exceed federal specifications J-STD-006 and ASTM B32. We produce in strict compliance to customer specifications. Our more than 90 years of experience in the solder industry is your assurance of the highest standards of business practices.

The Torrey S. Crane Company is the world’s largest producer of solder ribbon, tape, and foil. We are the only North American producer of tin, tin/lead, and lead-free foils in widths up to 26.0″. Our state-of-the-art facility produces high quality solder foils by utilizing Grade “A” virgin raw materials, continuous contact measurement, rigid Statistical Process Control (SPC), and a company-wide commitment to continuous quality improvement.

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